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Personal Home Trainer: "Your second Home in good shape"​

With IN GOOD HANDS  you can sit back and enjoy your holiday from minute 1...


When you arrive from the airport and find everything prepared: the terrace ready, the place clean, fresh linen on the beds, the right temperature in all rooms, hot water etc. Maybe you arrive late with no chance for shopping? We can stock the fridge for you. We can also arrange airport transfers, provide flower arrangements etc.


Enjoy your holiday to the last minute, knowing that we will carry out all necessary works such as tidying up, disconnecting the boiler, covering the terrace furniture, taking bed linen and other clothes to the laundry etc.


We take care of any and all of the issues that are such a burden to the owner, especially if arriving and requiring problems solved before, rather than after arrival.


During your absence you have the peace of mind that your property is well looked after. Any jobs that need to be done are supervised by us personally: Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, Administration tasks... In general, take the hassle from you


Maintenance Services:

  • Arrange the property for your arrival

  • Cleaning of apartment, bed linen

  • Laundry delivery and collection

  • Shopping, stocking of fridge

  • Plumbing and Electrical rectifications and installations

  • Blinds & Curtains, Mosquito nets

  • Redecoration, Wallpaper

  • Liaising with Community

  • Liaising with gas, water and electric utilities and telephone company

  • Fibre optic and Satellite

  • Marble floor servicing

  • Vehicle servicing

  • And more...


IN GOOD HANDS offers a fully customizable service since every one of us has different needs, and we fully understand this.


You name it, we provide it.


... because we believe in holidays

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